Thursday, July 29, 2010


hello, i just made my first blog, banibanibanana. so go easy on me will ya? :}

actually ive been wanting to make my blog since quite a while ago but i decided to wait until i own a phone with a camera on it. yes, i dont have a phone with a camera on it until very recently.
figured the blog wont be as lively if i cant put pictures in it, like those oh so inviting blogs like HELLO MR. POSTMAN for example. *hello iko... :)

but on my birthday my sister in law gave me an exciiiiting present. you guessed it!
a blackberry. (yippee!)
a red blackberry. (oh wow!)
with a camera on it. (d'uh.)
so i name my blackberry si redberry. hihi.
so now  i do have a phone with a camera on it. (yeah, baby!)
and so ladies and gentlemen, i made my very first blog.
voila! :)


  1. hihihihi.... asiikk bani2 punya blog... yg rajin yah bani, updatenya.. hihihi... biar dari jauh aku bisa liat ceritamu... :) gonna miss you bani bani...

  2. aaa,, gonna miss you too.. iyaa,, nanti aku update2 terus deh.. kamu juga doong,, biar bisa liat cerita2 disana.. tapi parti kamu sibuk deech.. khikhikhi..

    eh, ntar yg rajin chat sama aku yah..